Sunday, 24 November 2013

The sun came out today so I did a bit more scraping. The windows of my cottage are built of thick stone beautifully chiselled
The paint on the stone has begun to degrade, it's started to flake off so scraping is quite simple with a palette knife then a wire brush. It's just knowing where to stop. I just went back and wire brushed off the tile sides along the window sills. I love the way it's coming along. Sore shoulders now.
I am looking for cuisinieres now. There are some beauties for sale. It's the French equivalent of an Aga, Rayburn or a range. They burn wood or coal and they also can be used to cook on and heat water. There advertised as heating the whole house. There are still a lot of old ones for sale here. They can be rather expensive new or there are second hand ones especially 60's plain white enamel ones or 1930's type enamel ones all sorts of colours and can be highly decorated. Here

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