Wednesday, 4 December 2013

 Sun was shining today so we took advantage and cycled from Chatillon en Bazois towards Corbigny. I used my new bicycle. I never buy new things. I did try looking for an old one but I cracked this time. It's such pleasant and gentle exercise. Not a warm day but when winter comes crashing in here it's a great way of being out and about. 

The écluse is a french lock.

Comorants and I saw a kingfisher and Coypu the large rat like creature that swims below.
Iced over water.

Fancy being a river rat? This boat called Manouche means Gypsy Jazz. 

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  1. Your bike looks tres beau... as does that dress fabric Jane... and yes I have always fancied being a river rat, but a warm and not damp one! Dx