Monday, 4 November 2013

When it's bright like this I do to work in this cottage we are hoping to move to. It's nextdoor to the current house we live in. George bought one and was offered the other a few years later. It was when they were very cheap and everyone was moving to the towns. Now of course there is a bit of a reversal going on. Slowly still. I have my Welsh Gaudy jug that reminds me of Aberystwyth Wales. In fact this cottage is very Welsh looking too.

There was a leaky pipe that one day needs to go along the floor maybe pull up a few tiles. I know the old tiles are beneath these. I am restraining myself not to start trying to remove these hexagonal ones. There is probably a layer of cement between the 2 layers. I painted the cupboard door light blue. I did try removing the paint but the paint remover I bought was really weak and I realised the wood was not that attractive underneath anyway. Just thin pine.

Cats are curious to be in this new place.

I am playing with making a new chandelier. 

I also painted the cupboard doors on the sink. This is the kitchen.The green splash back is painted to look like tiles I want to find some painted ceramic tiles if I can.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago now. It was taken on my way to the shops. I have been visiting my junk shop every week before it shuts for winter. I have a new one to visit that opens Wednesdays and Sundays, Emaus. 

I had to clear out this shed to put my Morris Traveller away for the winter
it was full of hay. I found a family of hedgehogs sprawled around the floor. So I put them in a box and they carried on sleeping until the evening when they became very active and squeeky. They have moved into another shed now.

I collected some brake parts for my car. The brakes are always a bit weak on these cars. I had to buy a Servo kit for mine after one to many brake fails.

I am working on my studio too. It"s becoming a bit full.

Hans and Dedé who are my neighbours. Hans is a writer and was a ships captain from Holland. Dedé is a farmer who has a lovely old tractor. He has always lived in the Moravn.


  1. What gorgeous photos, as usual. I am always transported when I visit!

  2. I love these photos….your kitchen ( I have the same floor tiles only a smaller version in my french cottage) …..the lovely French countryside …..the adorable family of hedgehogs….your studio….& perhaps best of all your lovely neighbors….thanks for the visit Jane!

    1. My neighbours will be pleased they fans! Thanks for you enthusiasm.