Saturday, 28 May 2011

Evening light

Larkspur. They have taken over a corner or my veg garden. I planted a packet of seeds here 2 years ago and now they seem to be happily self seeding.
Cardoon. This one managed it through the winter, and I now realise it is due to flower this year. Perhaps great thistle flowers. It's a reltive of artichoke. Here in France they are eaten as a delicacy, enjoyed  for the tender stalks or hearts.

We have vines all over the front of the house to provide shade and pleasure. The climate here has changed over the years.  20 years ago vines would  not withstand the harsh winter.

I love this group of buildings. I need to stop one day to take some photos for future paintings. There is a wonderful old-fashioned atmosphere, no concessions to modern life, or so it seems from my view of the outside of the buildings.(I am a passenger in a car, not driving. That would be difficult)

A lovely traditional hotel nearby.

This is a squash I am growing from a parcel of seeds I received from Dolly.

Shield bug, enjoying some evening sunshine. I love the bronze glint of this one.. 


  1. Yours is a very smart bug, love the stripey feelers. There seem to be lots of different ones, mine was more brown/bronze and it did glint in the sun.

  2. Happy the squashes look healthy Jane... I've got those little bugs up at the allotment but only seen lovely bright green ones and they seem to stay on the fruit patch.
    Very windy here today but off to bootie soon for an hour or so, all wrapped up. x