Saturday, 14 May 2011

Indian running ducks and moving my studio.

I pass this farm on the way back from Autun. It's really lovely  with a  lot of chickens running around, a lovely veg patch and I spotted a lady mowing, in front of the building on the left. 

Garlic at the market

I have started a new painting of the village

I found a quiet corner with no distractions. I find it really hard to concentrate when other people are around.  

My view into the sheep field from my studio.


  1. They are growing, strangely adorable, beaks too big for their bodies. What a lovely studio, and view. A workspace where you can concentrate and create freely is SO important isn't it - sacred really. I'm so pleased to see a painting!

  2. Glad you've created some quiet space Jane to be yourself in... enjoy. X