Sunday, 22 May 2011

Brocante Sunday

The lovely  'paysage' on the way.

Wheat field, oddly shaped, with an outline of hedge.

The village brocante was tiny, I prefer it like this. Small villages here are charming . I picked up a very strange pair of boots, made from a thin rubbery material with big heels and buttons up the calf. The guy on the stall said they were dancing shoes. Too small for my feet, alas. 

A mangel wurzel chopper

A metal tyre maker for carts given a new lease of life.

C12th church the village was once on a Roman  route.

Obligatory sit down for a p'tit 'cannon'. The wine was welcome. A quick glass for 1 euro with  the locals.

This garden was right beside the church. Silver foil hung on bits of string  from frames that may once have been  mangers.

Very neat potager. Even the watering cans are in lines.

The lovely blue 'home' hills

'Wreck of the week', or, if you have my sensibilities, 'weak at the knees'


  1. OOOH jANE have you found me a new home... tres mignon... I'll bring some flint tiles!! Dx

  2. Dear Jane,
    I share your weak in the knees sensibility! Your life seems like something out of a storybook! Did you venture inside? It seems as though you may have found sleeping beauty or some other creature who had been put into a trance eons ago by a spell! Wonderful photos!
    Peace & Plenty,
    Sheila and Sherrill