Monday, 2 May 2011

Ist May

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Fete at Luzy.The building here is the old school.

I have been unable to up load photos this past week. I have filled up my memory stick so have had to order another. Here are a few of the fete I went to yesterday in a small town close by. I was expecting a Brocante but it was a lovely display of local crafts and a plant sale from a few small nurseries, run mostly by hippyish folk. I bought some lovely Borage, Pulmonarias and a flycatcher. I bought a few old plates, jelly mold and dishes and then we spotted Indian Runner Ducks so we bought 3. They are adorable creatures, a bit nervous at the moment but very lively. They are in a little run just outside my window sleeping in a little huddle.
 May 1st is traditionally a public holiday in France where the giving of Lily of the Valley is done for goodluck. Here it is known as Muguet. 


  1. contente de vous rencontrer, Jane, et heureuse de vous accueillir sur ma page que vous choisissez de suivre. Merci.
    Je vis en Ariège. j'aime vos photos. La 7ème de ce billet me plaît fort. Je vis moi aussi dans une ancienne école. Bonne journée à vous

  2. Indian runner ducks are fab little souls Jane... great addition to your brood... xx