Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Goose Mother

Goosey has found the ducklings and has designs on them as her own. She has  her feathers fanned like she is  protecting her brood.

The men from the Mairie arrived today to strim the path to the well.

Red Currants

Dry garden.


I went to a brocante on Sunday and this caught my eye. It was on a Dutch stall. It's strange Brocanting, Last year I saw lots of old linen and I thought, now that I know how popular it is,  I would buy more this year. But this year I have found none so far.


  1. Poor Goosey... Aunty Goosey.
    Lovely flowers Jane.

  2. What extraordinary mothering instincts - sweet girl - she must walk out with them?! Is the strange brocanting a jelly mould?

  3. It is some kind of a mould. I'm not sure for what,30 Euros. I bought a long wooden beaded rosary, a tapestry cushion cover, and some white curtains with hand sewn borders and an enameled saucepan.