Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trip to the commune village, and a trellis.

This is the trellis I made this afternoon.  The house you see beyond is a summer cottage used by a Dutch couple. The trellis is for my sweet peas, and will also serve as a bit of a screen between myself and the neighbours.

I may need to put up a few more sticks, but I like it so far, simple and asymetrical, a bit Mondrian!
Potatoes with these rusty chainsaw runners as markers.The lawn beyond belongs to another neighbour who is rarely there. My garden is on the far edge of my farm. It is so productive, and surrounded by other cottages, creating a very sheltered spot. It's also the only place on the farm where it's possible to be vaguely sociable.We live in a very remote spot but ocassionally someone walks past or a tractor chugs by. 

Grey skies today. This is my rainwater collection tank from where I can pump water onto my garden. I have assorted things around, like this old kettle, all increasing my joy of gardening, to water plants

Seed drawer.Melon, long radish and Romanesque.

Cherry blossom in the village.

Limeflower in leaf, traditionally planted to create shade for the intense heat of summer. But mostly it is for French herbal tea, called Tisane.

I was in the commune village this week, I met another English person who has bought a house near  the chuch. The  houses are very ancient, C15th, some with towers. This doorway always atracts me. So quaint.

A row of houses in the commune village. The bells that chime in the church are so flat, real clangers. So what you can't see, -what  for me is the overdiing impression of this view,- are the donging bells.

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  1. A very fetching partitioning trellis, the sweet peas will love it - great markers too (gives me an idea!). It is so enjoyable, and comforting to have your special things around in the garden, and to water and nurture growing things - it looks like a heavenly spot.