Thursday, 14 April 2011

Flowers and Tower

Bugle, delicious looking creature
Common Orchid just out and they are everywhere. The colour of them is startling, really rather ethereal  and  intense.

Cherry blossom standing out well among the greens

This is my new love a C15th house in the village complete with tower. It has no garden  just a little courtyard. It's large with 14 rooms and boasts a romantic sweeping stone stairway. Wonderful features ecclesiastical or castle like. This huge house could keep one very busy and I could have lots of guests. Presently it's empty.


  1. I want to go in through that beautiful arch doorway, up the stone stairs and sit in the turret - can I be one of your guests - it is a house that needs love.

  2. You'd be a very welcome guest, Jennifer.

    The house is for sale, I really fancy a cheeky look around. It's relatively cheap too, £132,000, not bad.