Wednesday, 20 April 2011


We had a big clear out today from one of our many barns. This was our day out to the tip. Very  nice trip along the country lanes via Preporche a little village to which we go to for a small brocante, or yard sale.The countryside is so very deserted, so that we pass another car every ten miles.. There are lots of tiny Charolais calves out at the moment, very white.

This is a very sweet place; tiny but full of charm. I snapped it through the car window. If you enlarge it's worth a look and so many doors!

This is on the way back home. The far hills are where we live.

The manager of the tip was English. He arrived here 25 years ago when he came to live on a barge. There is free compost at the tip. They make there own from the garden waste. The free stuff is in a big pile with a shovel to take your own. Next time we will take some bags to fill up . I found a load of dumped terrecotta plant-pots that were laying about. Satisfying day to be able to dump a ton of old washing machines and fridges and old building rubble, and then to come home with thirty old flower-pots. (My husband thinks that I am potty!)


  1. I love trips to the tip - very cleansing getting rid of unwanted rubbish and a bonus acquiring goodies - the last time I visited I came home with a perfect (apart from a tiny chip) salt-glazed old pig trough which I love.

  2. Gosh that sounds lovely an old pig trough, salt glazed too. I can't imagine someone might throw one out.