Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Seedling nursery

My painting has given way to plants temporarily. Our conservatory gets so very hot, and my seedlings flourish.   It's so warm here, uncannily so. Last year it was rainy and cold,at this time. Today it was 24 C. I even put my shorts and bikini top on to plant carrots. I have my pump connected to collected rain water. 


Fred bathing

Pear tree blossom


  1. Don't you just love Spring! The promise of new life and the hazy Summer Days!

  2. I really love it, it's been really hot, 80F or 27C yesterday. We sometimes have a fair bit of snow at this time of year.I am gleefully watching everything grow not wanting to miss anything.

  3. Beautiful here too Jane but I am so jealous of your seedling space. I have runout of indoor and outdoor drawer space... major stagger planting this year.

  4. I spotted a poly tunnel frame in a field, by a lot of old rusting tractors etc. I think it's looking for a new home.