Sunday, 17 April 2011

Larochemillay Brocante

Cafe just before we arrived at the square, very promising indeed!

Green shutters and door, I love this house. The stall here had some lovely things but a little expensive.

Larochmillay is very close to me, only 10km away and check out the views.

Standing back, barely containing my excitement. There weren't very many stalls but there were some excellent ones and it was very quiet. I went at 9.30, not too early and people were still setting up.

Another road shot on the way home. If you expand this image there is a house with what looks like a shed on it right up on the hill, this is the Chateau that is the centre of the village.

Naughty Ayredale with cocked ear. I was very impressed with the things on this stall but it was all quite expensive.

Les Trois Sycomores

Red Shutters


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