Saturday, 1 September 2012

My little cat seemed quite ill this morning after
eating nothing all day yesterday and then vomiting. I thought I'd visit the vet. So off we went but there was an exceptional day at the vets as in no vets. There is no open vets now until Monday afternoon. Here everything shuts at 12 and then reopens at 2.30pm. I managed to get another appointment at another vet at 2.30, very confusing by this stage, but it's a bit of a drive there and back. I popped in to the secondhand shop and found a wonderful, I think skirt a piece of material and some wool for 2.50 Very pleased with this especially as I own very few skirts.

 I am busy stacking wood, the pile is beginning to go down a bit. Then I am working on the entrance of the farm, below. The neighbours cut down the Sloes leaving the whole place looking a bit sad. They wanted to keep the bushes away from the wires above, fair enough. Now I have a new project to do something rather more aesthetic.Any ideas? Birds seem to like to roost around here so maybe a bit of hedging, beech or something. I like the stone wall too so maybe I could build around this.

Stacked for drying and in case we need it this year.
I'm about to embark on a big new project soon, I am off to look at something big tomorrow.

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  1. Excellent finds Jane but how's kitty? missed your call what news? speak soon...