Thursday, 30 August 2012

I keep adding to my little garden beside my seed room/ studio/vinery.
This small area was quite sad last year but then I realised there is always something that could be done to improve life. Probably not everyone's cup of tea but it is a tea pot! Yes on an old bicycle  that is gradually sinking into a damp space.I am encouraging moss and I have put some old stumps for things to hide in. I am also potting up Lobelia that I grew from seed in old enamelware. The pot here with a handle was found at my last Brocante. I bring the Lobelia in in winter and it grows inside the house then I can put it out again in spring and it is a reasonable size then. Otherwise I am seed gathering and weeding after rain around the vegetables. I have left the Fennel go to seed and I am chopping back the leaves on my Strawberries. I have a handful of Raspberries each day for my Raspberry Muffins and the hungry freezer. Yesterday I dug up my Shallots and shall make some pickles. We have a load of wood to stack and there is a constant flow here in the village of tractors and chain saws going on. My little studio is undergoing a few minor changes and I am trying to sort some of my old photographs out so that I can pinterest some. I am also trying to sort some of my 'Found' shopping lists I pick up at the French supermarkets each week. I thought I'd post some of these

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