Thursday, 20 September 2012


Un Vrai Morvandieu, en route pour Paris.

Wee Wee in her bin lid pond.

Luzy street art

HY Citroen

My HY Van or Tube as they call them around here, I've also heard them being called a French Toaster. I have  met up with the farmer who has said I could have her. Unfortunately since I last looked there is a thing missing, quite important I imagine for steering along the road.The 'Volant'. I need to tow her, not far but even so. Someone has been helping themselves to some of the bits. Good job I didn't put the wheels on already. Anyway despite this minor inconvenience we are going to try to move her here on the 10th October. I'm very excited about this. I was in a bit of a spin when I went to visit her and the steering wheel was missing.

I am making the most of the sunshine. Lots of gardening and things to bring a smile. Like my old secateurs on this lovely chair. 

I bought no linens this year. I found a few night dresses. Very few sheets around and they were  quite expensive when I did see some for me anyway. 

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