Friday, 17 August 2012

Bristol Botanical Garden, Clifton.

I had a weeks stay in England. My sister lives in Bristol so I had a trip around the sights  one  day. These Gardens are in Clifton and open only occasionally. I love hot houses and the exotic things. There was Petula Clarke music belting out from an old peoples home next door. They were having a bar-be-cue and sing a long. 

Carnivorous Pitchers.

Have a look at Bethany's blog at Bristol Craft. She has photos of the dragonflies on a big pond there. Also here


  1. Jane, an interesting collection of exotic delights!

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for checking out my blog. Great pictures, isn't it so nice at the garden? I went again today and it's so peaceful and there are so many varieties of plants.

  3. You went again, yes I'd go again too. We did a long walk afterwards by the bridge and along through Clifton across the Crescent and a meal on a boat. Bristol is an interesting place to be.