Monday, 20 August 2012

High summer. The gardens have changed again since I took this photo. I was away while it was very dry here. Since I have  been back the hose has been out trying to revive a few very dry articles. I am lucky to have a spring here so we pump our water up from the old wash trough. Many things were a struggle this year. My cabbages and broccoli are a bit sad looking.The strawberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants started beautifully but no strawberries much since June. The onions are a bit small. I did have lots of peas and broad beans early on and the lettuce all came slowly and then quickly bolted. There were no cherries, apples or Mirabels. The walnuts didn't happen either. I did however manage to shift my thinking a bit about the farm being too much to convert to gardens. I have managed to create a few little areas now and I am gradually learning where I can put things. 

The bit to the right above the dead tree is our garden. The trees hide us.

This was George's veg patch. It's surrounded by trees including 2 huge Christmas trees diagonally opposite. George likes these trees because they are a link to the past occupants and owls like them too. The dropping of pine needles probably changes the soils pH, I need to check that. This year the tractor failed to put in an appearance so a change of use happened. I am mowing around the thistles but I shall cut these down a bit later. Then next year I am going to make little beds probably squash beds and more flowers.

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