Sunday, 18 December 2011

After a long springlike Autumn and often times springlike winter we have had a few sprinklings of snow. We have had storms and high winds. For 5 days we had AJP days. Here our cheap electric for most of the year depends on us having expensive days of national high usage. So when it's freezing we rely on stoves and wood for fuel and our trusty gas bottles for our cooking. We like it like this a bit of a challenge.
Otherwise I reupholstered my sofa by hand to be finished this weekend on my sewing machine, another story. I made, I think a rather impressive covering for my bolster. A few good veggie soups and I have made lots of Christmas cards. Not only but also I have found a charity shop which is so brimming with secondhand clothes at oldschool charity prices I am dancing on tap shoes. Not only but this I have found an lovely blog do have a look


  1. Lovely images Jane... love the wintery scenes and a glimpse of the IRD's again. I'm crocheting egg cossies!

  2. Check out those orange bills and webbed toes!
    Egg cosies sound sweet. What about a tea cosy? I really want one.