Friday, 30 December 2011

I took this picture on Christmas Eve. There is a little snow in the foreground and the smouldering fire is what remains of a lot of tree cutting that happens every few years. I think the man who works the land around here does it to allow the grass plenty of light.  Better grazing for his cows.

It's normally so bright here that we don't get so much cloud. This year the rain has replaced snow.

My vegetable garden.

I am painting in this general direction at the moment. My view takes in a bit more of the pond. Those  moles have been busy this year. We call them Taupes here.

This is my HY Citroen. I asked about it in August. I need to tow it to my garden but as yet I have only found 1 wheel. I check each day in the equivalent of Ebay here. I want to use it as a sort of spare room. I have wanted one since a friend of mine lived in one while he was at Dartington College of Arts.  

My birthday is just after Christmas so I was out on my birthday looking at my van and generally observing the changes taking place in the landscape. I didn't do Christmas shopping this year. I made some cards and while George went shopping for food I went to a charity shop I have just found full of second hand things. 


  1. Happy New Year Jane!! Your veg garden looks magic, hope you find the bits to get the van moved soon. We did most of our Christmas shopping in our favourite charity shop, so many bargains and surprises, found a fantastic 50's nibbles dish hand painted with a design called South Seas, gave that to our daughter and she is thrilled!!! Look forward to reading about your adventures in 2012 and seeing the photos....

  2. Thanks Roger and Happy New Year to you too. I am off to meet my new friend later. We met in the charity shop! Hope you are getting on with your plans to get your van moving along too and the passports are ready!! You and I can exchange adventures then!!