Friday, 2 December 2011

A few more images to go with my last post. This image was shot at Montbrun near the River Tarn after coming over the Cevennes National park. We drove up the mountain over the plateau of the park . The road takes a steep route with hairpins one after another.

Florac has a beautiful pool with a restaurant beside with mesmerising trout. 

Stone tiles like scaly skins.

I love dappled strong light and shade. The green streaked pot too  on the far right of the shelf.

I have worked in 2 organic wholefood shops now, I also tend to gravitate towards the kind of towns that have these shops. I get these places with all the personal ads often offering a caravan in a field to rent.


  1. Today I sent off our applications for new passports, they ran out over a year ago.. now it is just getting the old campervan back on the road and 2012 we might be checking out all these favourites of yours!!!

  2. Well done Roger on your travelling progress...I am dreaming of travels too. It's a bit damp here, normally we'd be up to our knees in snow.