Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A few typical views from this week. The view above is a stones throw from the house. It's a lovely sweet chestnut.I am lucky that there is a circular tour around the lake. Normally I am can lose a bit of time in the garden but at this time of year this is my way of getting away from the easel and chair. It has been strange this year, very mild as it has been in the UK. I have a French friend down the road who I was talking to last week. We talked about how the climate seems to be changing towards milder winters and wetter summers. This year we had a stormy August but then a very warm September. We think it's drier than the UK. When it's cold it can be hot under the sun but the air feels sharp and crisp. Today we are in the clouds a bit grim.
The Nivernais canal is close by, it's a great place to head to at the weekend to cycle along. It's keeps us busy when all the flea markets have ended. The pink painted cafe below is near Corbigny and Etang or lake Vaux. The guy who runs it has collections of fossils and bits of sculptural looking pieces of wood. Sunday was very quiet except a couple of fishermen.


  1. So beautiful …I can really feel the autumn ….& especially love that last shot…amazing!

  2. Yes, your mushrooms are so crazy cute, ours our usually just sort of flat or slug-chewed trumpet shapes in an unattractive shade of slime beige :) Lovely pics all!