Tuesday, 28 October 2014

 A few images from this month. I managed to pop over to the Anselm Kiefer exhibition on my way home. I had a good look around, unfortunately no photographs were allowed inside but in the courtyard I took some photos, not sure if this was allowed either. There was a huge constructed pile in the foyer that included some French café chairs among some of it's stack.

Above is a painting I did after I went to an exhibition in a place called Thard. There was a view looking back towards a familiar place.

I take a lot of photos of the ducks. The female is very sweet nature and seems to like the kitten.

I bought the bag at a brocante sale and considered taking it to the UK. I had some sewing to do on it to strengthen the seams. The cat went wild with it. I decided it would be a bit of a struggle with such a big bag in the end and plumbed for barely any luggage. When I go to the UK I do like the charity shops, I now find it cheap enough to parcel anything I want and send stuff in a big box courtesy of UPS. Less than 20 quid for 20 kilos I go onto the Parcel2go website. I just wish I could find something similar from France. I have got to the point, well along time ago now that I could do with selling somethings so I can free up some space and carry on with my seeking I just bought a bicycle lamp with a little reservoir for oil and a wick!! Where else can you find such a thing. I need a vintage bicycle now.

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