Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A few things that have drawn my attention over the past few weeks. The snow is normally here by now but this year it's been so mild. I keep putting on my boots and socks and needing to remove them and put my flip flops back on. I saw this van while out on Sunday cycling.

My car I need to sort out some things on it. The roof lining was melted when I had to have the arches on the doors welded, I'm thinking I should insulate and put some fabric or something interesting up there. Maybe oil cloth I was wondering about some old ticking stripe or tartan tweed.
This image and the ones below are from the village where our amenities are, can be very quiet.

Photos in an old shop window.

We bought this 'Cuisiniere' or range from 'Le Bon Coins', it's an internet site for unwanted things for resale. Normally because we live in a very sparsely populated area the things you really want are a days drive away but I found this one up the road. This one is a Deville. The left part with the narrow door has a long narrow box to put logs in, 50cms this one. They sometimes have a box on the back to heat water. The recess it's in was part of an old bread oven in the kitchen. It was dismantled before we came but I'm pleased the old granite arched stone alcove still remains. I have been scraping off the stuff on top, started where the bricks are and thought it was a brick arch and discovered the stone so I was really pleased. 

The village from the road.

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