Sunday, 1 June 2014

Marigolds have been going since February this year, the mild winter meant they didn't die back. I spotted this double one this week.

Chives attract Tortoiseshells.

Lovely flowering succulents.

These white Lupins are wonderful in the evening light. Most of the Lupins have been eaten by slugs this year.

Inspired by another blog I read today Butterfly in My Hair.
Warm few days here. It's been a public holiday so the lawn mowers were busy, not ours. We have sheep remember! I just like to make paths around my garden and there are a couple of lawns but it's not something I can manage at the moment. I saw a feature on Gardener's World on the BBC 2 about the National Collection of Aquilegia's. (NCCPG) Currently in the possession of Carrie Thomas. Bees nibble holes on the ends of the Spurs  to find short cuts to the nectar I saw this earlier today and because I'd only just learnt about this interesting thing I took photos.  These plants are resistant to slugs too, current obsession. There was also a demo about crossing 2 flowers to create new varieties. I have been aware of this being done with Hellebores. I have a few Hellebores but just tiny plants I have not yet seen flower. Perhaps this plant might just start me off. I took some pollen and brushed it on the Stigma having removed the petals and sepals. I feels quite scientific but actually it is very simple. The plan is to remember to collect the seeds and seeing the result of a cross of 2 flowers that you like for colour, form or whatever.
About the exhibition I took part in locally, I sold 2 paintings to people I knew and I bought cards off one lady who bought one of my paintings. I had a table of small affordable abstract paintings alongside some of my landscapes. I am not ready to sell the landscapes yet. I posted some of my small landscapes on Facebook a while back and really I was amazed by how people liked them. Then while looking yesterday around the exhibition an artist friend described some of the painting as too complicated and too expensive. I guess it's all about being in the right place for whoever you are trying to communicate with. This was in the context of selling. I think next year I should spend more time during the day to see who comes around and just generally find out more. I nipped by yesterday and was given useful information about where to get cards printed nearby. Business cards and cards of artworks. 
Below are some of the nibbled holes.


  1. Beautiful flowers....I have been taking photos of flowers lately....good for you having sheep to mow your lawn....& congrats on selling 2 paintings!

  2. I didn't know that about the Aquilegias ... I shall take a look ... we have them all over our garden.
    Well done on selling your paintings.