Thursday, 22 May 2014

I am a bit obsessed by this colour. These are everywhere here and they are growing wild in the verges too.

The ducks are getting larger. They hang about outside the back door hoping to dive past and eat any uneaten cat food. I have to put cat food away as they are very good at tricking me and getting through my legs. They like to follow me and love the garden.

Sketching with a brush.

The markets at Fours. Plants and stalls of old things. I bought 2 glasses that George tells me are the kind of things doctors used to measure medicine to give you in the surgery? I will take photos. I found enamel mugs and an old bucket. I am looking for old handles for my doors. The kind that look like eggs. I also want a light that has a pulley to go up and down.

A VW van that sells flowers.

I am painting the room here. The door now is also painted. I am so pleased I took this on. I now have a lovely sunny beach chalet in the forest.

The storm clouds over the lake or 'Barage' as it's called here. Honeysuckle twists out of the hedge.

It's lovely and wild looking before the grass gets cut and hedges trimmed.

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  1. Lovely photos! I love the beautiful flowers & animals.....& your wonderful beach chalet in the woods!