Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Abats Jour

I also have plainer ones white with a Pie Crust frilly edge. They look a bit like draped hankerchiefs in glass.

This is one of the 'bombs' or light pulleys. They are filled with lead.

Light switches with bone handles.

Porte Manteau I managed to find a pair.

Brass fitting for the glass shade.

A few more things including a heavy green glass jar. 

George rebuilt this dry stone wall it fell after rain. I have been balancing pots all around with tomatoes and Geraniums.

The Clematis are out around the bedroom window they are climbing up this sisal string I found at a Brocantes.

I'm quite proud of this some old implements used to tie the sisal to.

An old pitchfork to secure the sisal to so beans and sweet peas have some support. The other end is attached to guttering!

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  1. Oh Jane that lovely glass shade....& all the wonderful parts....but really your pretty garden is as equally special ....thanks for sharing all these treasures!