Friday, 2 May 2014

Muscovies, Male

The blacker one is a female.

New Work

Boy with a rabbit, a large rabbit.

Family selling animals birds mostly.

Fete at Luzy where I bought the ducks. Last year it rained so it was in the Grande Halles this time.

Enamel and Cupboards.

lovely stall at the brocantes

Garden furniture

I had a good look at this table the lady offered it for 30 euros. Now I think I should have bought it. She also had some rustic shelves I really liked and you can just see some material on the floor on the left. There were some lovely bits. Normally I do a quick scan around and then go back and have another look at the good stalls. This time because George was struggling with his back I didn't do another inspection. Also we had ducks in a box in the car and I wanted to get back to them.


  1. I love enamel ware... So rare to find it here in Canada in good shape and good price... And the ducks are beautiful.

  2. Hi Jane…I've had fun catching up…. Love all the lambs & ducks, fabrics & tables (a very good price) & most of all your lovely paintings…..looks as if life is good & things are going well.

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