Monday, 3 February 2014

Driving to Semelay to a restaurant nearby. We found a great place to eat, Le Clos de la Bussiere. It's a quaint place that does an old fashioned menu right beside a C12th church. It had few people there, just a couple of guys on their own, having their working lunch. A few pastis drinking pension men who had a drink at the bar first before their meal. It's been so long since I went out I forgot you could do this. It normally works out a little cheaper too.

At this time of year we are either above or below the clouds. This bit here is where the deer are.

Terrine de Dorade was my main. For starters I had warm goats cheese in a thin parcel on a lovely fresh dressed salad. George had 5 courses I just had 2 a coffee and a pichet of wine or 4 small glasses. No I didn't drink all the wine that was shared 2 small glasses each! 31 Euros, so not hugely expensive. The attention to detail is the thing and the tasty sauces.  They do special events so might try and go out one evening you never know meet some people!


I don't like going out when it's like this but had to go shopping.

Other days have been a total wash out but the moss is doing very well this year.

Lovely foxgloves. I hope they continue to spread.

Mossy pathway down to pond.

Above and below are the gardens I have been saving from wilderness. I like wild areas but we have a lot of those still including a swamp. Here I have tried to create a cottage garden type border so Foxgloves, Rudibekias, Sage, Carnations, Poppies, Sweet Williams and Aquilegias so far. There is still bracken and brambles that keep reappearing and today I started digging out Buttercups that take over everything. I have a bit of a virus so I'm feeling a bit tired. First thing I've had like this for a long time.
In the garden below I am putting in a few fruit trees in the bit beyond what you can see here. George used to plough it all but it became too much to maintain. I now have small veg plots easier to manage.

My geraniums have been over wintering in here. I shall be ready to do a bit more work when it warms up. As you can see the blue door needs stained glass that was broken before I arrived. There is a lot of work to do. Most of the things in here except maybe my orange owl box (George asked me what it was for I said owls, obviously.) won't be staying. The big Armoire will stay, probably in another room. 

New shoots appearing, might be a bit premature as it's normally a harsh time of year here.
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My cat investigating. He loves coming in here usually hoping for the trap door to be opened.

One of my Auricula's grown from tiny seed from my friend Dolly.


  1. Great photos…love seeing the sun shine & blue skies.…looks like a wonderful lunch….I especially like seeing your plants in the sunny spot in your cottage…have a nice week!

    1. Thanks Sally. I'm off to do a little shop tomorrow. Rain threatens but today again was a fine day. I am hoping to buy some drawers from the village from an ad. We need storage. Hope you didn't lose any of your gorgeous plants in the cold. I will drop by to see what is going on with you!