Saturday, 22 February 2014

An Army of Frogs.

He's quite clever only one front paw. We found him as a tiny dot on a lonely road mewing. I think he'd been dumped as he had a limp leg. He'll be 4 in June.

Planting some Snowdrops I thought seeing as though they like to be quite deep I'd see what was stopping the dig, boulders are everywhere.


  1. Gosh you live in such a beautiful place, lovely photographs.

    1. Beautiful when it's not too cold. It's beautiful in winter but a bit lonely. People sort of hibernate. This is why a sunny day in February is such a wonderful thing. Where do you live?

  2. Beautiful! Looks like spring is on its way>

  3. What lovely 'fresh' photos ... it really looks as though your part of the world is springing into life. Love the inquisitive cat!

  4. Amazing sight. Wish I had seen it. And what a nice cat. Looks as if he has a happy life.