Thursday, 9 January 2014

More sketching on Khadi paper. It's paper that comes from The Khadi Mill in Southern India made from recycled cotton rag. I bought a pack of 100 sheets some years ago from Jackson's Art Suppliers. I don't have access to an art shop here so I rely on going through things I bought in the moment many years ago or when I visit the UK or just once by mail order. I love uneven, rough paper and with a mapping dip style pen it's surprising how refreshing it is to tackle something a bit different. I have just ordered some more things including brush pens that you can fill with water or water soluble paint or ink. It means you can sketch without the need of a pot of water. More free hands and less obvious when sketching out on the move.


  1. I have 2 of those brushes and love them! I remember making paper with my daughter many years ago and how wonderful it was to paint on it. Your painting is very fresh with the lovely greens and blues... :) L

    1. I spotted those pens being used by people on the net but I have only just managed to find them to buy mail order. I love new pens and brushes.
      Thanks Lois. Hope you aren't having that deep snow or if you are you probably are quite well prepared. X