Sunday, 29 September 2013

Famiiar Haunts

Malvern Hills from Castlemorton Common.

Whiteleaved Oak, Malvern

From the Malvern Hills

Near Sabrina Bridge, Worcester

Church Street Ledbury

Diglis Worcester

Glover's Needle, Worcester

Near Malvern Hills

Worcester Cathedral

Another sweet cottage near Malvern

View towards Chase End, near Bromsberrow

Pub in Frampton near Slimbridge

I only spotted one Traveller this time



  1. Looks lovely, don't know that part of England at all, funny but if we were going to travel round it would much more likely be to your part of France than a three hour drive to Shropshire or where ever Malvern et al be!! We just had the last wedding at Priory House this year and the brides car was an early cream Morris Minor 1000 soft top, I will put a photo on facebook for you!! To help our travel plans along I have just bought a big spiral bound 2013 Italy road map and some guide books to Sicily, not sure if we will pluck up the courage to hit the road??

  2. I look forwards to seeing that Morris. Malvern is strangely a celtic word meaning Bare Hill. I now live in The Morvan. It has the same roots as Malvern. I think you might like Malvern. It's not too far from Birmingham or Bristol if you ever find yourself heading along the M5!! It's still a bit hippyish and attracts a few eccentrics. It's not really on the way to Sicily. I hope the map inspires you to take the plunge. Greece and Southern Italy are both lovely in Autumn. You could come via here in France. We have lots of space.