Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My neighbour at Worcester Flea. An exceptionally lovely lady selling wonderful things. You can find her on Facebook here

White Elephant modelling one of my French finds. How well does he look.

Pyrex, who knew they did yellow and turquoize.

I met these 2 lovelies at Tewkesbury Vintage of Daisy Belles.

I met this rather interesting gentleman at Tewkesbury. 



  1. This looks like jumble sales from 40 years ago, wish they had things similar up in Lincolnshire though we did go to an amazing open day at a gallery in Caythorpe that must get all their stock from Brocantes like you go to on your blog. Nice to see your photo, you must put it on flickr!!

  2. The event at Tewkesbury was very old fashioned. i met some interesting folk too. It wasn't very busy but I did sell some things including some big linen and cotton linen sheets. I was very tired so I have that look in the photo of being up far too early and it was a cold day.

  3. Aah, thank you Jane for including us in your blog and your lovely comments. Love the picture of Charlie in his new jacket. Was so lovely to meet you both when you were over here xx