Monday, 30 September 2013

Bartholomew Beal Here

I visited Derby Museum this month after reading of this exhibition. Very pleased to meet Bartholomew Beal who has just completed a residency at the museum. He comes from a family who have a long tradition in literature and teaching. He told me his family are a great source of inspiration for stories. His work at the museum focuses on a tradition of weaving narratives collected at the museum that he has used in his art. Sometimes the interpretation can be quite loose. In Derby, he told me he encountered a deep pride within its folks whose ancestors were at the centre of the Industrial Revolution.
I was very happy to see figurative painting and drawing and at a level of skill and creativity that seems to  have been a bit out of fashion. I think we are moving into new areas of art works that reflect something a bit more sustaining, hopefully. Bartholomew went to study for his degree at Wimbledon, London. Do look for his paintings on-line, the gallery was not easy to take photos in.

I was really inspired by these works, might even try a bit more figurative work too. 
Thanks Bartholomew, if you don't like the photos I can lose them or if anything I have written seems a bit wrong. I am not a great writer at all

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