Monday, 20 May 2013

The summer is looking like a distant memory so far. There are holidays this weekend here and it's been constant rain. I have tried to get to a few brocantes but because of the weather some are cancelled or otherwise they a have been very small. I went to one at Cercy La Tour and bought the table above. I will paint it when it dries out a bright colour or layer of different contrasting/ clashing orange and pink. Something that will flake. It has a hole for a parasol for those barmy days and bit of rust around the edges. 15 euros was a very good buy. Otherwise I am looking out for hanging baskets, I bought hats and a wall mounted light for the cottage. Yesterday I saw some great things at the rugby Stade but I walked away. I'm not even sure why I did. I saw a wonderful enamelled coffee pot for 4 euros, they are normally about 25 or 30 here when you see them, not often. It was very pretty too with gold and light blue. I saw a miniature Armoire for 8 and a woodstove for 40. The woodstove was a very pretty green. I think I just couldn't face the idea of carrying it, very heavy things. I only bought a sweet yellow Le Creusot pot and lid. Old jam jars, very safe, brackets for a shelf and 2 traditional soup bowls with handles sticking out the sides. Will add photos.

I found this half drunk bottle of table wine in the cellar. It's old maybe at least 20 years old. The wooden tray is full or pealets. I'm big into container gardening this year. I find digging and weeding just too time consuming. The compost I buy is so cheap it seems a better use of time. Otherwise I am off to collect my paintings from down the road. There was an exhibition in the local old school building this weekend. I went to the preview and the only comment I managed to hear was the style is very English!! I'm not sure what this means. I think the preview was a bit more of a social. There was lots of people mostly in the bar area. I did meet some people whose gardens I have been admiring now for a while. They have peacocks, chickens,donkeys dogs and cats! A small zoo. I'm also excited because I was invited to call by. 

A little village sale near Maux

pot garden

Evening light across the village showing one of my neighbours trees. We have  lots of blossom, few bees  though to pollinate the fruit. My strawberry plants are in full flow and there seems to be many flowers. We need a lot more sun though.


  1. Oh I do love a good brocante! Lucky you! I love the table & will look forward to seeing it with it's new dressing of paint. I sure wish I had seen that enamel coffee pot for 4€. That was a real steal!

  2. I know coffee pot was a real steal. I had a voice saying but what is it for? Silly don't listen to those voices.

  3. I had to look up brocante, and now am so jealous. Here we have yard sales, not so wonderful stuff usually. Finding old metal furniture here is rare and expensive too. I did find an orange enamel pot at a thrift store which is French... Great for sauces.

  4. I'd love to take you brocanting you'd find lots of treasures. After I bought this table I saw 2 advertised for 10 and 15 euros. One was extra large I struggle finding new things but old treasures I can find anything you can imagine. I randomly found a site on the net selling and delivering washing machines. My fingers are crossed to see if it arrives!