Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We set off to try and find a washing Machine. Our present one has died. It's actually quite difficult finding one. We had to drive to Nevers and although a very pleasant journey across the countryside it was a bit disapointing. We found the shop and walked around a bit. The electromenagement department has shrunk and there was only one machine suitable. We waited around a bit and then had to go back to the front desk the lady phoned back to the washing machine dept. We walked back and waited for Vincent. He arrived and when we said we wanted the machine he said we'd have to order it and return to take it away ourselves in a few days time. No deliveries to our village or any village. We drove home and I stopped to take photographs in Tamnay en Bazois. I love the way this Lilac is being wrestled by a splendid Wisteria. I also like things in pots at the moment. You can just see someone has hooked long plant filled containers on ladders.

Washing Machine ad on a wall. 


  1. I wish I could smell the flowers... Must be incredible.

    1. The lilac is very late this year. Ours is not really out yet. It's intoxicating visually and the smell too. I like to have a bunch in the house to get the full drama. Do you have it around your way?

  2. Beautiful photos! I totally know the feeling of needing something like a washing machine & no deliveries to your village....or costs so much it isn't worth it. Good luck....hope you get your new one soon! In the mean time enjoy the flowers!

  3. lovely Lilac and Wisteria... let's hope the machine is there when you go back... how on earth are you going to get it in your little car though Jane or is your van finally mended!! Dx

  4. This is it the little car is a slow thing. George says it'll go in easily. Nevers is 50 miles away!! Apparently Darty has Beko's in stock. I favour an 8kg drum so I can do fewer washes. Also it'll manage more linen sheets and a smaller duvet.