Saturday, 11 May 2013

The greenhouse brought back from my travels. Funny how I have photographed it sitting upright while the reality of this image is that only the greenhouse is lop sided.

I saw Gardener's World last night filmed from The Malverns', my hometown.I recognised the pub The King's Arms at Hanley Castle and the designer of the garden Boathouse N09. Mark Eveleigh. He used an old boathouse from Cleveloade as his central theme and had a decaying boat hull. Planting included stinging nettles among other things with a view to gentle reclamtion by nature. I haven't been able to find any really good images yet but I'm sure they will be appearing. Otherwise there is another sweet garden on display, Deposes vos Roues. It includes café tables and old cycles again, spot mine above. Then old buckets and the like for herbs, lavender. Again I am there. The other thing the French styled garden had was a knarled Olive. I'm a bit high up for one of these in the mountains. The company Vilaggio Verde, based again within a cycle ride to my childhood home, Martley buys trees destined for the fire as the land owners are offered newer, more productive trees. Again the trees can be kept in a big pot. I suggested my sister might like one in her little Bristol garden.

Not exactly a boat shed but still. I have been trying to organise my new shed arriving, it is taking some time. It has wheels.


  1. Oh I haven't watched GW yet... I've been thinking about an olive tree here.. I keep seeing them for £4... Dx