Monday, 7 January 2013

Another painting day, here was the stage I was up to last night, still having to play around with the perspective a bit and then the foreground needs a bit of work. The days are still a bit gloomy, we normally have snow and bright sunshine but more recently it's been milder and wetter. We are supposed to be having sunshine, the clouds look like they are lifting a bit. I bought a small cushion and it has been adopted by my 3 legged cat. He has trouble finding something to lean on.

This small Deco stove has been wonderful this year. 
It gives out more heat than a much larger colonial styled one. The cats seem happy and it keeps the teapot warm too.

Swirling cloud over the lake.

Looking into the yard along the house from the back. The front faces into the valley to the south and drops below this level  so that there are rooms downstairs. There was a row of cottages here before. I am planting flowers along this wall for spring and summer, dies back to nearly nothing in winter.

My neighbours house is for sale. I think it was once 2 houses and I believe a bar too.

Traditional stacks of wood, bought well in advance and left to season. To the right there is a small porch like construction, there is a well there.

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  1. Your cat is adorable. He looks very comfortable with the stove and his cushion.
    Your painting is beautiful - and makes me long for better weather!
    Here in Munich the weather has also been miserable. Weeks and weeks of temperatures between 7 and 10 C and rain.