Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Morvan Landscape

Snow plough arrival

By 5 p.m or just before, the sun was turning it's gaze towards the frozen forest and transforming it into Turkish Delight colour. I had been for along walk around the lake and along the road taking photographs of the cottages here and views that might inspire me later. The sun setting on the forest frozen at the tops of the trees is delightful. I haven't managed to really do it justice but I like to keep trying. So lovely to have the sun shining and blue skies. It's been a dull January so far. I saw the snow plough arrive this afternoon. He had been before before light and I managed to encourage him to do our side road. We might make it out tomorrow.

I visited my neighbour who moved here in 1960. She married a local man whose mother took in orphans from Paris. (Assistance Publique) Every house in the village took abandoned children for extra money.Women became Wet nurses the children went to school and at 14 they were packed off to jobs as Butchers, bakers or land workers. I had known about this as occasionally we have a visit from someone who spent their early years in the farm here. I live in a tiny hamlet, it's surprising how many people are related to original in habitants,  houses are saved for future generations.  Selling property is not part of the culture.  There was once 4 cafĂ©'s no cars just donkeys and carts. Donkeys were being used in the 60's.

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