Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

 This was earlier this afternoon, getting away from painting. It feels very strange to be so mild and calm. I met my neighbour around the lake with her huge Mountain dog. She said that Christmas was sweet this year. I had to explain the bundle of copper wire under my arm that I had found in the bins, we have communal bins here that often contain treasures.

Last sunset of the year.

Part of the wall has disappeared after the snow and rain, it's happened on the farm too. More work for the spring.

My new tufty mohair cardigan, thrifted.

The farm showing the traditional long barns.

Yesterday was springlike.I sat out with my coffee. I wonder what kind of year we will have. It's been an odd year for me. I haven't been far and I lost a dear friend. I feel like I achieved a lot around the farm and I feel a lot more capable. I really need to work outside more painting in the open. I also feel a bit cut off so I want to change this a bit. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years in. It's going to slip by here, perhaps I will see a bit of Jules Holland. 


  1. What an incredible space you live in. Just gorgeous photos. Happy New Year, Lois from Ontario.

  2. Hello, is that lac de panneciere? No need to feel cut off if you don't want too!!

    1. No, not Panneciere, I think you are nearer Chateau Chinon. We are near the Haute Folin, off the road a bit. I wanted to go to the skill share meeting this December but the weather was too bad. Perhaps we could meet up soon, perhaps coffee in Chateau Chinon?