Monday, 4 June 2012

I scan the internet here regularly for my Citroen HY Tube van. I need a few bits but most importantly I am trying to find a set of wheels so I can pull her with a tractor out of the field just along from here. When I spotted 'Donne' and 'Jantes', I was more then a little excited. I rang up Johnnie who kindly said he would save the wheels for me, 2 with tyres. I already have 1 wheel and the rim is on one of the wheels so I just need a tyre now. I had been scouring the internet for ages and even stopping by farms if I spot one to ask people if they would be willing to sell me wheels. I found one nearby that is being used as an animal feed place for cows and their hay but the farmer just kept repeating that the van was 'futre'.
Anyway I hadn't been far lately, the animals need looking after, we have a little lamb I am having to feed, he is growing at a rate of knots. After giving him a large bottle he would be alright for a few hours and he nibbles on grass now too.We set off with a picnic north towards Orleans.
The wheels were collected and have rather poor tyres, that's OK though. We drove through Burgundy and it was a beautiful day, very warm. It was good not to have to be working on the garden.

I love the work of this lady

A glimpse into the restaurant garden.

Maison et atelier de Jacques-Jeanneney

Ceramic street signs and house numbers.

 This is a wonderful workshop area with tables and chairs under this impressive roof.
 A little restaurant with garden seating area called La Magie des Sens.

One of many shops and galleries. I think this one is La Boutique du Potier . It's very near the Chateau.

L'Attrape-Chien Atelier d'art et de création.
We stopped at a lovely village for our picnic at St Amand-En-Puisaye. Coincidently they were having a festival Feu(x)à volonté. There are loads of potters in this area and village.  While I was there it was all deadly quiet, lunchtime, and I think it was beginning later in the evening with a band. I did take some sneaky photographs though to give you some idea. I was rather taken by the place. It has a lovely relaxed, eccentric feel. Very arty a little rambling and splendidly untidy in places. There was a lady on her balcony talking to herself and then she started singing. It also has a stonking château built in 1530, a significnant Renaissance Chateau in the Nievre, right in the middle of the village with huge trees in the garden and a gallery. More info at Otherwise do visit or
I arrived home and had a little look for tyres and uncannily there are some for sale in St Amand en Puisaye.

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