Friday, 18 May 2012

We have had a mixed month so far. May is normally very warm  with continued blue skies. This year it's been quite cool we've had a lot more wind and it's rained most days. We were surprised last week by a very late lamb, he isn't managing to take milk from his mother so I am bottle feeding him. It's more usual to have lambs in March. He's very greedy and looks like he going to be very robust. Most of our sheep are black, we have one white ewe who is quite old and that was our only white. It seems like magic to suddenly get a white one. The new lamb has speckled brown legs and ears.

This is the lambs mother, she is 4, our new lamb is her 3rd.  We don't sheer our sheep because of the very cold winters.  There are very few sheep around so we are pretty safe from disease. I like our shaggy sheep this one has been bleached by the sun.

I bought a packet of seeds 3 years ago in France. Here they grow wild in the hedgerows and the native variety is violet/blue colour. The one above is one from the packet.

I have been wanting some old bicycles for sometime now. They are often advertised around here on the internet but  they are  always a bit expensive or too far away. I found 2 in an old dump, very rusty one has a split frame and the other has rusted through wheel rims. I think I shall try and make a viable bike one day but until I find some wheels they are propped up in my garden looking poetic.

My seedlings are slowly trickling out of the verandah, some come back after I realise  I have been a bit optimistic. I have been enlarging my Potager as I was running out of room. It's filling up as fast as I can dig. I now have a plot in the orchard along a stone wall. It's a very sunny spot. This morning I was digging and I managed to snap my fork in 2, the metal part! This is why I am updating my blog. I am wondering what to do next.

Red Basil.

Found these boots in the secondhand shop, perfect fit, 3 euros. I was  in need of new boots too. 


  1. It all looks so beautiful!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I thought you were no longer blogging as - for some reason - I haven't been getting your updates in my "dashboard" for quite some time. I shall have to make a point of looking in regardless of that, then.
    Thank you for your lovely offer. Something I will definitely consider. I've only been to France twice, and then only briefly, but it left a wonderful impression. It would be so nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Lynn
      I have been a little slow blogging lately. My garden has taken over and my concentration is taken up by how many things I am trying to do. The lamb is bleating for more milk as I write now.
      I like the idea of having people visit to find inspiration and create. It was just a thought you would find a lot of peace and quiet here.
      The last comment was very nice and you too sound like a very nice person.

  2. Oh Jane that cat and lamb image is very sweet!! x

    1. Hi Dolly just got back on line hope all is well. Will ring soon. Hope the flowers are inspiring you in your lovely garden. XX