Wednesday, 2 May 2012

1st May

We visited a lovely fete lots of plants, animals and crafts.  We bought 3 male Indian Running Ducks last year. I think we were hoping for at least one female but out of the 3 one died. The 2 that are now 1 year old are very healthy males. This spring the ducks have been chasing the female goose around too much. The Gander has got very good at defending her but I felt that I had to try and intervene somehow. I bought another duck, this time a female. She is also 1 year like our 2 here but being female she is smaller. It's not great though, we really need a few more females. They are quite expensive 26 euros this year, last year they were only 10 each. Anyway now we are back home I can't put the female out with the males as they jump on her and they could harm her. It's always good to have a plan. Today I made her a private run where she could be amongst her fellow ducks and not need to flea. It was  great to see her settling in today. I will have to put the males away while I take her to the pond or let her roam the garden freely. The goose seemed happier today, not being chased. I always feel very concerned about the animals, hope i'm doing the right thing. I just went outside to bring her in the house. She is in the seed room now where I think she will be safer tonight. I have to make her a secure pen with the other ducks soon.
The Indian Runners above and below are black with a wonderful oily bluey, green glint to them. 

Here's the female meeting our ducks for the first time. She has a speckled beak. They make very good slug predators, they don't fly so ideal in an organic garden. We have a spring fed pond that they love. 

Trip to the pond.

Thistle growing by the pond

I'm still busy in the germinating and nurturing of plants. It's still too early to plant things out. I have makeshift cold frames and I am potting up seedlings in larger and larger pots. I seem to spend hours shifting things in and out of the sun or rain. Night or day, cold or warm. I still need to find somewhere for it all to go in the ground.

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