Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I took this earlier today. I notice the little shoots have been slightly burnt by a drop in temperature over the past couple of days. The Magpies and Jays seem to be jostling for space and  are screeching around the valley. 

While the temperatures dropped last month to -12° I moved to sock making, I had no idea I could manage this but with a pattern from Ravelry I mananged to learn. I now have a task to fulfil, a pattern for the neighbour translated to French. 

Yesterday I began to plant seeds in my verandah. I bought lots of seeds from LIDL this year 29cents a packet here.

New paintings looking at field boundaries.

More socks from Charity shop wool. French Blue is my current obssession.

I love the reverse of these rag rugs. This is a rug made from a sheet dyed with walnut hulls 
gathered from my tree. It's quite fun ripping sheets, takes a fair few for a sack.

Sewing purses from scrap denim.


  1. Excellent socks Mrs... that's strange I've been going for blue too, unusual for me. Maybe we have both been missing rich blue skies!! You'll be pleased to hear that I've found that exclusive of creatures...... A Handy Man!!!