Friday, 24 February 2012

I had another look at these images of ice formations. I think we are over the cold weather for now. 

Here is one of my iron tubs. Traditionally it would be used to cook beans in for animal food.
I use it to grow Sweet Williams in.

Yesterday we had a visit from the sun. It was so warm I found myself  allegedly tidying the garden .

I have bought a craft drill/engraver. My last one overheated. I thought I'd  have a look at making pendants and mobiles from a  large box of driftwood I beach combed from Aberystwyth, Wales. I did a Fine Arts Degree there.

Valentines Day. It's usually a challenging day here. I stayed at home by the stove making purses out of an old pair of jeans and  made a funny little purse with a heart and buttons for a special person.

Mullein seed head;

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