Thursday, 22 March 2012

Charity larks

I just read a funny story on a blog about a bag and a charity shop. It really made me laugh. Do have a look here 
It reminded me of a friend's escapades one day and set me laughing about that too.
I remembered my friend, James telling me a story.  He had spotted a must have wet suit in a charity shop. As he told me the story it was still very fresh in his mind. It had only just happened that afternoon. He was just a little traumatised by it which made it all the more hilarious. Bearing in mind we were both living in darkest Herefordshire, not known for aquatics of any kind. Just the idea of a wet suit is kind of strangely other worldy. Anyway he decided to try the wet suit on for size, in a rather pokey changing room. The suit was quite snug, a little tight maybe, but nevertheless probably worth getting as you never know it might well come in very handy for a bit of wild swimming.

The hilarity occurs when he tries to remove the wet suit in a little shop. With only himself and a couple of very sweet, elderly volunteering, charity shop girls. He just couldn't pull it off. So all he could do was ask for assistance. You can just imagine how mad a scene that would have been to come across. It cracks me up whenever I try and remember poor James telling me and I, uncontrollably laughing.

Charity shops are thin on the ground here in Burgundy. I know of 3 shops, 1 is too far and the other I can go to on a trip to the supermarket. There are depots though, 1 is about to open in April. I've never been to it so I am quite optimistic. The depots sell everything, house clearance.

It's beautiful here today, warm enough to prove bread. I am making pittas for later. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have included this photo of a caravan that I am a bit in love with today. I really shouldn't look on the internet for 'anciens' camping.

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  1. Sweet!!

    I got stuck in a dress in a charity shop last year and had to get a little old lady to tug it off, between us we broke a seam. Dx