Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday walk

The first thing I do in winter, while the grass is frozen, is give the 5 sheep their sheep nuts. Each time I do this I love it. How can you not be impressed by a beautiful primordial looking ram such as this. We don't shave them as they would be freezing in winter without the woolly fleece. They do rather well in winter. The sun shines and they seem to enjoy whiling away an afternoon lay about waiting to be fed. Their shaggy locks are a disadvantage in summer. We have very long summers and while being in the mountains it's not ever too hot the sheep stay in the cav during the hottest days. 

I walked just below the lake in the village where lies an abandoned mill. The window still exists as you can see as do all the  workings within.

The stream has a frozen skirt. Each frozen day brings ever more elaborate formations of ice.

Fox prints across the lake.


  1. Lovely frozen spring images Jane... I know it is cold for you but such beauty to be able to walk in...

  2. the skirt of ice, wonderful image
    and that window open to the elements.

    the fox walking through your shadow, ghostly.
    lovely walk. thank you.

  3. some really wonderful pics there. thanks for the post.

  4. What wonderful photographs! Katie x