Sunday, 25 January 2015

This is what was going on up here. Heard the saws and the crashing.

I found a strange setting on the camera, impressionistic.

I bought a salt block for the sheep, it's a bit of a strange noise they make trying to chew bits off, squeaking.

I did this painting a couple of days ago; I drew an outline, painted outlines and then used
a little walnut oil to improve the fluidity. It has dripped a bit so I need to work out what I can do. It needs laying flat to dry which I did but the drips came while I was still painting.
Figure in the garden coming from the pond.

 Road to the village, the snow plough came past last night but it's not too bad and it is melting.

 Strange prints near water, looks like it could be a bird or otherwise a Coypu or Ragondin, haven't seen any round here for a while now. 
We do have Mallards on the lake 4 pairs at least and the Kingfishers.
Just a tiny glimpse of blue but very little colour here.


  1. Brrrr looks pretty but rather chilly Jane.. Struggling here with disc slipping and now a couple of ribs have joined in and keep getting twisted which is horrid!! will try to ring soon.. Dx

    1. It's still milder than normal hovering around the -5 to 0. No -12s yet. Trouble is the cloud which is dull and yukky.