Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas rose from my parent's. I have a few hope it will be happy here.

I bought this big zinc basin a while ago. Yesterday it thawed out so I quickly emptied it before it deforms in the next freeze. The gas froze too.

The village just after Christmas, the colours are lovely, I think strangely pink. Many of the rusty leave
s on the Beeches are still attached so the light transforms the forest to something unusual in colour. The other weirdness here is the vivid green grass that has carried on growing.

As we all seem to be, I am hugely affected by light. At the first peep or flicker of sunshine I start moving about the place with my camera recording any strong light and the way the light transforms everything. I live mostly in the verandah in winter and early mornings can be a bit difficult for me.The little wood stove pumps around some warmth quite quickly thankfully. Here I am looking through a piece of crystal glass with the lens at the garden.I might try a bit more of this using impromptu lenses. I'd love to do some of those photos using a vintage camera TTV
 that gives images a dirty lens and a border.

This is the subject of my current painting.

 We have a table for the birds just by the verandah so I started sketching as the birds swoop in grab something quick and then disappear. I can't really do anything with great precision but it's fun.
Not sure where to put the plants. The nights plummeted down to -9° so they all got moved away from the window ledges. The kitchen has this big pillar in the middle similar to the beams they use in mills here to pulley up flour.

I don't normally photograph rain. The Christmas lights are up in Luzy but it's still hard to be cheerful. 

Goosey waiting by the backdoor.

I painted the kitchen cupboard doors last night to go with the verandah, I think maybe circus, gypsy or even Italian insired by the Romans and a bit French too. Not bad.


  1. I love seeing your place, Jane....your charming village & all the animals & flowers, the cozy interiors, & your the cupboard door too! Happy New Year!

    1. I"m so pleased you like these things, me too. I hope your studio project is going well and very Happy New Year to you Sally.