Sunday, 21 September 2014

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House For Sale
 A few images from Blismes below. The painting is the work of Jenny Makkinga. 


  1. Such a nice place….many nice images!

  2. What incredible photos! I love seeing that interior. The kitchen looks so functional, and comforting. Such a contrast to what we see here in North America, where people strive for crisp and cold. Lois

    1. I hadn't been to Blismes before and because it was a fete I went for a look around. The kitchen belonged to a lovely Dutch artist who had recently lost her husband; Her husband made the kitchen, the cupboard he used a pair of old windows they found. I love the old gas cooker top. on a big hunt probably find one at the tip.

  3. That kitchen is really lovely Jane as is the last building... I'd move in there... though sadly I'd need a huge amount of dosh to put in floor to ceiling triple glazed folding doors to rear other wise it might be a tad dark!! Cx

  4. Lovely old houses and beautiful blue skies!